Welcome to Magic Space Land

Despite my love for digital graphics and the fact that most of my art is done on a computer, I have never used Flash before. But I want to learn to use it. I think it could be useful to me in the future, or at least add to my list of things to do when I’m bored. So I have decided that I am going to make a Flash game.

The game is called Magic Space Land. It is mostly set in Magic Space Land, a series of magical space-bound platforms (clever, huh?) with monsters and such on them. Your character begins the game in the halls of RIT’s Computer Science House and after traveling through a magic door your goal is to, at least as of now, return to CSH.

The game is nowhere near complete, but some sections are looking more finalized than others. The characters, for instance, are all completed (unless I spontaneously decide to add more, which is a distinct possibility) and impossibly adorable. At least I think so. You can decide for yourself, though.


Also, there’s this guy:

Yes, that is a dead astronaut, why do you ask?

I also created a few items, though I am still not sure how or even if I will use all of them:


Welcome to Magic Space Land

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