Drink up!

A lot of what I create has been because I had to. Class assignments and extracurricular responsibilities dictate what most of my designs end up being. But whenever I can I take the opportunity to make something for myself, just because I can. I enjoy what I do, and I am willing to do it outside of the requirements set for me. So last night I decided I wanted to make a coffee mug. I don’t drink coffee. I don’t drink tea. I don’t need a coffee cup. But in a moment of inspiration, I was looking at one of the many CSH logos distributed throughout my dorm and thought, “I could make that into a cup.” So I set about doing so.

I designed the mug in Illustrator before bringing my idea into 3ds Max. Most of my time modeling was spent meticulously comparing my dimensions to a source copy of the logo (conveniently provided in an Illustrator-compatible format by the CSH members’ wiki). I am just a perfectionist like that. I think all of the minor details were worth fretting over. I think this object is a prime example of how you need not make something complicated just to make it interesting and aesthetically pleasing. As always, though, the appealing nature of this object is left up to others to decide for themselves.

A render of the finished mug. I don't have a photo yet because, well, I don't have a physical copy of it yet. I'm still working on that part...

Drink up!

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