Binary watch

Didn’t I promise that I’d make a real post soon? Didn’t think it would would be this soon, did you? You have no faith in me.

As a recent project for my 3d modeling class, I was required to model any small object that I physically had access to. Generally, when I receive an assignment similar to this one, I already have a small object that I had been thinking of modeling anyway. In this case, it was my binary wristwatch. So I started modeling that.

Turns out I’m a bit more of a perfectionist than some, as I was (surprisingly!) the only one who decided that it was crucial to bring in a metric ruler to measure every aspect of my object down to the millimeter. Instead of setting up image planes as reference (something I would do with an object I don’t have access to with precision measuring equipment or surfaces that I can’t recreate by measuring alone) I simply measured the actual object whenever I needed to know how far to extrude or bevel or re-position or otherwise modify something.

Look at all of that texture-less goodness!

We were specifically told to not add materials to the object (so that viewers focus on the actual geometry) but prior to finding this out I had exported my model into 3ds max for some rudimentary mapping and lighting, just to see how it would look. I figured it would be a waste to not add that preview somewhere in the final image. I hope my professor doesn’t mind!

Binary watch

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