If you haven’t already noticed, I like dice. I don’t play dice-based games very often, but I still think they’re interesting objects that are fun to model. So, of course, I was ecstatic that the extra-credit assignment for my 3d modeling final was to model a pair of dice.

We were provided with a photo and told to re-create the shape of the objects (materials and lighting were not part of the assignment). While the basic cube die presented me with no issues whatsoever, getting the rounded one right took a lot of fiddling. Of course, every time that Maya crashes I’m forced to re-think my approach to creating an object, which in the end seems to result in better geometry. I expect that as I continue to work in Maya I will encounter fewer and fewer crashes as I adapt a better workflow. I had always done my best to ensure that I had proper geometry in my models, but perhaps 3ds Max is simply too forgiving…

Lighting and materials, not being part of the assignment, were an afterthought at best. I doubt I'll ever use these models again, but if I do I will add better materials and make sure the scene has better lighting.

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