True holographic displays

Screens are pretty awesome. They are the key to computer interfaces and one of our most important means of interaction with most forms of technology. But for some things, especially 3d digital graphics, they can be a bit limiting. Representing 3d objects on a 2d surface is just fine for viewing – movies and pictures are just great on current display technology. But when it comes to manipulating such objects, I’ve always thought it would be better if they could exist in 3d space while I modify them. Tony Stark knew what I was talking about when he built his awesome holographic computing system to design robots with. Of course, holographic displays are just cool in general. They are central to any science fiction future, and for good reason. Unfortunately, we have always considered true 3d holograms to be impossible.

But of course, I’m not just writing this to lament the fact that we’ll never get cool holograms like in our favorite sci-fi movies.Researchers from Burton, Inc. have developed the prototype of a real holographic 3d display. While the technology still has a ways to go to meet the expectations we all hold, it is still incredibly impressive. The projector uses lasers that can create 50,000 dots per second ad 15fps. Currently the researchers are working to bring that number up to around 30fps. The holograms can even be colored by combining red, green, and blue lasers. That’s right – RGB additive color 3d holographic displays. Try to control your excitement, there is still a ways to go before the technology is ready for consumer markets.

True holographic displays

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