Graphics for SIGGRAPH


This year I joined RIT’s SIGGRAPH group, called RITgraph. For those unaware, SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and interactive techniques) is a worldwide group of artists, technicians, engineers, and enthusiasts working towards innovation and development in the field of computer graphics. Our group holds workshops, hosts industry speakers, and does other awesome things to foster community participation and interaction.

At the beginning of every year RITgraph chooses members to serve various executive board positions. This year, I became the graphic and web design officer for the group. This generally meant I was in charge of creating promotional material for our various events. However, I also decided to create a new RITgraph website as well. The new website helps us promote ourselves as well as keep members up-to-date with our events. Plus it was fun to create, which is always nice.

I urge everyone to look into SIGGRAPH – it’s an awesome group and a blast to be a part of. Or, if you’re a student at RIt (or just interested in seeing my website) you can check out RITgraph at

Graphics for SIGGRAPH

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