Oh, F#%k!

No, that title isn’t just an attempt to be shocking. It’s actually the title of my newest game! Oh, Fuck! was created for a 24-hour game jam  held by RIT’s Computer Science House with the theme of unforseen consequences. It is a basic platformer that focuses on an unnamed main character who finds a mysterious button on the White House lawn and decides to bring it to President Obama. What gave the game a unique mechanic is that because the character runs holding the button above his head, hitting a ceiling while jumping causes the button to be pressed. This results in the destruction of Earth and the Moon. The game was programmed in ActionScript 3.0 by Eric Adams and the art assets were created by me.

While the game is, unfortunately, unavailable for play you can find some characters and cutscene images after the jump.

The hero of Oh, Fuck!
President Obama
The Pope
Adolf Hitler. Or Adolf Hitler’s ghost. Or something.
Joseph Stalin. Still not sure if these guys are ghosts or not.
Eric Adams, our programmer. Eric is actually a 3d artist like myself but wanted to use this game to teach himself ActionScript.
Me as a tiny, slightly homeless-looking doodle man.

A quick recap of the story. No, it doesn’t follow a lot of logic.

Oh, F#%k!

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