3D printed wax seals

Have you ever wanted something simply because it was cool? That’s how I felt one night about having a custom wax seal. No, I am not a gentleman in the 1800s who writes formal letters to all of my sophisticated friends. In fact, I haven’t written a letter – an actual, on-paper letter – in years. That doesn’t make the prospect of having quirky, gentlemanly things any less enticing. Of course, being the nerd that I am I couldn’t stand for simply paying a company to put my design into a standard stamp-cutting machine (I’m fairly certain those exist). I opted instead for a route that will not surprise followers of this blog in the slightest. If you hadn’t already guessed by the title of this post, I’m talking about 3D printing. I designed my “logo” in Adobe Illustrator and then imported it into 3ds Max. There, following measurements taken from a pre-made wax stamp (turns out they give you a free stamp head when you buy the handle, who knew?) I created my own custom version. I also created a leaner “economic” version for a friend who didn’t want his personal stamp to be as expensive. In the end they came out to around $20 and $30, respectively. Adding the $8 for each handle and this little venture is just starting to push into the realm of “why did I waste my money on this?” but that’s alright. It’s still classy as hell.

3D printed wax seals

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