Personal rebranding

Remember that New Logo! post I made awhile back? How about the Wax Seals one I made more recently? Both of those featured images of what I considered at the time to be a personal logo. But the problem is, while they both had their merits, neither of those designs matched my style, both in logos and in design in general. So I decided to take another shot at it. This time I think I have it right. So, without further ado, here is the new re-branding of me.

First up, we have a logo. I wanted to make it fit my preference for simplicity and minimalism. Sharp corners and clean lines combined with simple curves form an extremely minimal glyph in the form of an A and a B. The logo also provides a sense of motion and contrast between the hard and soft forms.



The logo is comprised of extremely simple ratios with a monochromatic color scheme. When used separately from the text the logo becomes even more versatile as it can be any color.


I chose a soft, calming shade of blue as my main color with a contrasting (but not jarring) shade of orange for accent. The grey colors are pulled slightly away from the extremes of black and white which makes them less jarring as well.


My main typeface is Exo. I chose it for its clean, modern look and nice use for curved and angled forms.


As soon as visitors reach my website they are greeted with a friendly message and a simple, iconic menu system. The entire website is on a single page with smooth transitions between sections to make the experience feel airy and flowing. Check it out here.

I’m constantly changing and updating my look but now I have a strong, consistent base from which to promote myself.

Personal rebranding

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