This past week I had the opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do. I flew to Los Angeles to take part in the 2012 SIGGRAPH conference. Not only that, but through the Student Volunteer program I got to help run the convention and attend special programs.

I arrived at the convention hall two days early to begin my duties as a Student Volunteer. I also got to  meet my fellow SVs and discovered just how easy it is to make friends with people who share the dane interests as you. In fact, everyone at the convention was happy and easy to get along with. That made sales support and gatekeeping jobs much more enjoyable. Of course, some jobs were downright fun anyway, such as when I got to help run a Panasonic booth showcasing an experimental holographic touchless-input display.

The exhibition hall was the main attraction at the conference. There, major companies, studios, schools, and shops had booths showcasing their wares. They also held workshops and discussions in the exhibition hall along with plenty of raffles and free giveaways, including the fabled Pixar Renderman teapot. At the back of the exhibition hall was a job fair featuring studios such as Disney Animation, Naughty Dog, and Sony Productions.

My personal favorite part of the convention was the Computer Animation Festival. It’s a film festival dedicated solely to digital graphics. Not only were tons of really creative shorts shown (Disney, of course, wowed the crowd with their Paper Man video) but also vfx reels for major films such as The Avengers and The Amazing Spiderman.

There were too many incredible events and experiences for me to write about in this short little post (even moreso because this is my first-ever post written from my phone) but I hope the message is clear. If you’re an artist or an enthusiast or maybe just somewhat interested in graphics SIGGRAPH is the place to be. I only hope I  can go back next year!


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