Recently I’ve taken to learning Maya scripting using MEL. As it turns out, a Python-based scripting language is about as easy as it sounds (for those of you who have no experience with Python or MEL, it’s really easy). I’ve been able to create some really cool scripts that have become integral parts of my workflow.

One particularly interesting script (in my opinion, at least) that I’ve worked on recently is the Randomizer. The purpose of the Randomizer is to create materials for each selected object with randomized properties based on user-defined ranges. See the video below for a demo:

If you’d like to download the script, you can do so here (right-click -> save link as).

A quick tutorial on using the script:

  1. Drag the script into the Maya viewport to run it
  2. Adjust the ranges for color, specular, and transparency and/or specify a transparency map
  3. Choose a material type and name
  4. Select desired objects (can be done before running the script as well)
  5. Click “Make Materials”

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