Small Spaces

Here’s a project I completed last quarter for my 3D Environments course. I was planning on including an animated fly-through (hence the delay in posting this) but unfortunately my schedule lately has been busier than usual. I may still post one some time in the future Anyway, the goal of this project was to describe a character by depicting the environment in which they live or work. Can you guess what sort of person my character might be from my final render?

berkowitz_finalHere’s a second render to help you guess:

berkowitz_detail1Drawing my inspiration from the classic 1997 film The Borrowers, I designed an environment around a character who is only 4 inches tall. The idea was a tiny person living beneath the floorboards of an average home in modern times. The person, by his Borrower nature, tends to “borrow” things from the human world above to both furnish his house and simply out of curiosity. Barbie furniture, iPods, Christmas lights, and other items take on a whole new function at his tiny scale.

This project was really enjoyable to work on. I loved messing with the sense of perceptible scale  and trying to imagine what life for such a small person would be like.  Perhaps in the future I will return to this concept and create more environments.



Small Spaces

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