Look at My Blog!

blog_blackNo, I haven’t gone crazy. I know you are already looking at my blog! This post is actually about getting people to look at your blog! A man by the name of Brendan Mitchell had the bright idea of creating a universal symbol to help people advertise their blog through web and print. And he wasn’t alone. Both of these symbols, created entirely independently, are strikingly similar. Why? Probably because the design is very effective. It’s simple and recognizable and incorporates familiar forms in a unique way. I like it. Or, at least, I like the idea of it. The execution of both icons doesn’t entirely appeal to my tastes. Maybe I’m picky. Either way, since we are talking about a universal symbol of one of the most powerful movements in journalism since the newspaper (and because I love designing my own icons) I thought I’d take a shot at designing my own version.

My icon (shown above) utilizes the same forms as the other two with a few slight changes. All of the line widths and gaps are unified and based on strict ratios. I rounded the endcaps to give the icon a softer, more polished look. I also made sure the dimensions are square to make it easier to incorporate into icons and designs. The symbol is, of course, free to download and use as you please. You can download the icon here. The .zip file contains .eps and .ai vector versions as well as 1024 x 1024 px .png versions in both black and white. Happy blogging!

Update: the icon is now available on the Noun Project!

Look at My Blog!

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