Hey, I made a shirt!

Update: Success! The shirt got a total of 30 backers so it’s going to print! Thank you to everyone who supported me by pre-ordering.  This was a fun experience, I may do more in the future.

My previous post about a font I designed was actually a bit delayed. Since designing Old Sport I have tried my hand at other typographical experiments. One such experiment I decided to submit to Cotton Bureau as a t-shirt design. And just today my design went live!

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 12.49.18 PM

The design, aptly titled I Can’t See Anything, is printed in light blue ink on an indigo shirt. Can you read it? Here’s a more detailed look at the design:

i cant see anything-01Can you read it now? Whether you can or you can’t if you like the design it can be ordered from its Cotton Bureau page. Make sure to tell your friends to order one, too! It will only go to print if 25 or more are ordered!

Hey, I made a shirt!

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