The Changes Changed


Remember in my last post when I gave a sneak preview of what my new website/brand overhaul may look like? Well it turns out that may was a key word in that sentence because while I have started working on a brand adjustment it is nowhere near the direction that my small preview indicated. The reason? Simplicity. I decided that instead of building my brand around the idea of having memorable colors and styles that stood out to people I would design it to be simple and unobtrusive and let my work take precedence. I accomplished this on my website by doing two main things:

1) I completely eliminated all colors from the website design. The only elements that aren’t simply shades of grey are the items in my gallery. This helps them stand out better. And since my work is what really defines me as an artist it is important that it be the most prominent thing on peoples’ minds.

3D transforms, how exciting! I am a fan of any web element that, in addition to functionality, is fun to play with in a moment of boredom.

2) I simplified the layout of the website to the max. As soon as a visitor arrives they are presented with my gallery. That’s it. The only thing on the screen that isn’t part of the gallery is a 50-pixel-high nav bar that serves a the hub for functions such as returning to the top of the page; opening the “About Me” drawer; and providing links to email me, download my resume, and view this blog. Every item in the gallery is large and prominent. Not only that, but I eliminated all text from the page (except for my name, at higher browser widths) to allow the imagery maximum focus. Project titles and media are still visible via hover animation. Besides allowing me to play around with CSS 3D transforms this functionality also allows users to focus on a single thing at a time without being distracted by other text.

Remember that iPhone web icon I showed in the last post? It looks like this now.

I hope to slowly migrate my whole brand to this new, simpler version. Thankfully one of my courses this semester just happens to be entirely dedicated to portfolio and personal brand development so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunity to work on this project some more. I just hope it doesn’t prompt another web re-design just yet (but you never know)!

The Changes Changed

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