Teaser Trailer

One thing I’ve always felt I’ve been missing is a demo reel. I mean, every digital artist has one, right? So recently I decided to change that and make one for myself.

I decided to approach this video from a motion graphics standpoint. Rather than a slow breakdown of a few pieces I used faster cuts and upbeat music to create an excited feeling. The goal was to create a sort of “teaser trailer” (ah, the title makes sense now!) that would generate interest in my work and lead viewers to check out my portfolio. I also kept the video short so that viewers don’t get deterred by its length, as is an issue with many demo reels.

Yes, at some point I plan to create a more detailed demo reel that breaks down the process for some of my projects. But that is a different video for a different day. For now, I’m sticking with the short and sweet video as I continue to work on other projects. Check it out below!

Teaser Trailer

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