And So It Begins…

This year is my final year at RIT. What does that mean? Well, among other things, it means that I am dedicating most of this year to my thesis project! Exciting, huh? It also means that I will be using this blog as my thesis blog for the next two semesters. [Click here for my thesis-only blog]

So what IS this super-amazing-exciting-fantastical project, you ask? Well, simply put, I’m making a game. Actually that’s not true. am not making a game. We are making a game. This project is a joint effort between myself, Melissa Landon, Aaron Smith-Bernard, Tessa Anderson, and Kyler Connare. All students of RIT and generally awesome people.

Now, I haven’t been entirely clear. My thesis project is not a game. My thesis is a series of assets that all contribute to a game. You see, to make it easier for us to manage our theses those of us in the 3DDG program have decided to present the projects individually. Therefore not everything I post about the game will relate specifically to my thesis. To help clarify everything, I’ve created a helpful “Thesis” tag that I will use on every post that directly relates to my thesis project. You could even go here and find my thesis-only blog through the magic of WordPress. Projects related to the game will be tagged “Games” whether or not they are directly a part of my thesis so you can find everything easily. EDIT: I’ve decided to drop the “Thesis” tag in favor of filing everything under the “Parallax” tag, which can be found here. The “Games” category will still be used, as will the 3D Graphics category, if applicable.

Now I’m sure you’re very curious about this game, what the story is, what the game play is like, how it will look, etc. and I promise to reveal all in time. We have been working on pre-production for this project all summer but there are still plenty of details to figure out in the coming weeks before I give you guys all the info. But for now I will say this: the game is a multiplayer FPS with strategy elements, a futuristic setting, and a clean, modern aesthetic. Details about the game mechanics, concept art, and model details will all be posted in time so be sure to check back here frequently!

And So It Begins…

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