Finally, A Name!

Just a quick update for you guys today. The game now has a title: Parallax. While I’m not completely in love with it, it does suit the game fairly well and will, at the least, work just fine as a working title. And who knows? Maybe by the end of this thing my mind will be changed and I’ll love it. It’s a distinct possibility. Having a new name also means that I can better organize this blog. Now, every post I make that is related to the game will ALSO be filed under the “Parallax” tag. That gives the game its own nice little home separate from the rest of my blog.

I’ve also finished UV mapping the weapon I showed you in my last post. It took about 2 hours to fully unwrap. You can see the weapon and it’s UV map below:

The large trapezoid that cuts through other shapes is a screen on the back of the gun. It will be given a separate material from the rest of the asset and therefore doesn’t need to fit into the same UV space as the other polygons.


I figure I should also tell you a bit more about this weapon. We are calling it “radarts” and it is pretty much what it’s portmanteau-tastic name implies. It’s a handgun that uses compressed gas to fire adhesive tracking darts. The darts will allow players to detect enemies within the vicinity of the impact area for a short time, either via an on-screen mini-map or using an x-ray-like system (similar to the sonar goggles in Splinter Cell: Conviction). The weapon has a capacity of a single round, meaning it must be reloaded after every use. Aaron, who is working on all of our animations, used the radarts’ reload as a test to show his animation speed & efficiency. Check it out, but note that it is a quick test and not the final version:

My next step is to bake a normal map from the high-res model onto this game-ready model and then create textures. I’ll be playing with dDo and nDo for the first time so that should be exciting!


Finally, A Name!

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