The Epic Sequel

After not working on it for a couple days, I decided it was finally time to texture the Radarts model. Though not my first time using dDo, this was surely my most in-depth use of it. After a few mishaps and setbacks I finally nailed down my workflow (which was the main goal of this) and got the texture finished. Take a look at the finished gun:


The best thing about this workflow is that it is very flexible. Every material that I created was done so non-destructively, meaning I can go back and change every single property of the texture at a later date, should I choose to do so. It also allows me to easily create multiple versions of the same texture with different properties. If the game calls for a set of really beat up old guns, or a set with a different color palette, I can do so in minutes. Also, because everything was created with the help of dDo, the materials used in this gun could be saved as presets. I can load these presets when working with similar materials on other assets and all of the properties of the material will be re-created using the asset’s normal map (which means scratches, dirt, and edge wear will be in the correct place). Pretty neat, huh?

Total time to texture this asset was 5.5 hours, but it should be noted that that includes all of my setbacks and mishaps with the new workflow. Obviously this is one of the simplest assets I’ll be working on, but it shows that this look can be achieved easily and relatively quickly. The next step for my workflow development is twofold: I want to try the same process with a gun created by Aaron, since half of the assets I texture will be modeled by him. I also want to bring this gun into UDK so I can be sure there aren’t any issues I’ve overlooked (and to see how it looks in a UE4 environment rather than the dDo render environment pictured).

The Epic Sequel

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