I Lied

I know that in my previous post I said the next thing I talk about would be the character. And I will, I promise! But I first wanted to give you guys a quick update on the Radarts asset. After feedback from my team I updated the texture on the weapon. The lighter brushed aluminum is now a light painted metal, the green accents are darker, and overall there is more distressing. The reason I am showing you guys this is because it well illustrates the sort of detail-oriented iteration that is all too common in this process. If my team didn’t have any issues to point out after my first pass I’d have been worried. A lack of critique wouldn’t have meant my asset was perfect, it would have meant that we were overlooking the issues. There will always be changes and improvements to make, and its best to be up front and aware of them so that they can be addressed. Check out the updated texture:


I Lied

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