It’s That Time Again

I don’t have much to post today but it’s Sunday which means it’s time for my weekly timesheet breakdown. This week I mostly spent working on concept sketches/illustrations for the armor which means soon I will have some of that to show you. I also started modeling another weapon, the MJ-BF, because the concept for that is already complete. I’ll talk about that weapon more when it’s complete. Here’s the breakdown:

1 project meeting
7 MJ-BF model

1 armor sketches

5.75 armor concept illustration

2 project meeting
4 armor concept illustration

1 armor concept illustration

That’s a total of 21.75 hours worked this week. There was also a good number of hours spent pouring over reference images online that aren’t accounted for, but I estimate that including them would bring the total up to at least 26.75 hours.

Also, you may have noticed the “thesis” tag has been removed from all posts. Sorry about that. I think it’s easier if I just have one tag. So now everything related to the game will be filed under the “Parallax” tag. Let’s hope the name doesn’t change!

It’s That Time Again

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