Just Barely

This week wasn’t as productive for me as I’d have hoped. This is due to a couple factors: I had less time overall to be at home working since I had other obligations that filled my time. Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, character design is somewhat of a new thing for me so there’s a lot of unrecorded time that I spent pouring over references and inspiration trying to come up with how I wanted certain details on the armor to look (a process that shall continue as I am still not fully set on everything). The current count is at 15.5 hours but I’d say including that brainstorming time it would be higher, around 19 or 20 hours. Still not as much as before but not terrible. Anyway, check out the breakdown:

1 armor concept illustration

2 armor concept illustration

1 project meeting

1.5 armor concept illustration
3 armor model

2 armor model
1 pitch video edits

2 armor model

2 project meeting

Just Barely

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