Still Chuggin’ Along

I’m still hard at work creating assets for the game. I’ve been mostly working on the character, including implementing some design changes that were suggested to me. The torso section is 95% complete and I’ve started work on other pieces such as the vambraces and boots. Here’s this week’s breakdown:

1 armor sketches
3 armor model

1.5 armor model
1 presentation

1 presentation

1 presentation

3.5 armor model
2.5 design doc

.5 armor model
2.5 project meeting

That’s a total of 17.5 hours for this week. Next week we have Monday off for Columbus Day so I might get some extra work done in there, but time lost (or, rather, re-purposed) spending time with my parents, who are coming up to RIT for homecoming this weekend, may negate that. Only time will tell! Get it? It’s a time pun. I’ll show myself out.

Still Chuggin’ Along

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