Almost Forgot!

It’s 11:50pm right now, which means I am posting my Sunday breakdown with ten minutes to spare. I could say that it was because I spent all day working, which I did do, mind you! But the truth is I finished today’s work an hour or two ago and have since spent that time playing through The Stanley Parable a million times. Anyway, I still got plenty of work done on the character and even a little more work done on the MJ-BF model. We had two events earlier this week and homecoming activities all weekend, but despite that I still managed 20.5 hours *takes a bow*. Check out the breakdown:

2 armor model

2.5 armor model
2 MJ-BF model

2 armor model
2 software
1 level test

4 armor model
5 textures

I’m nearly finished with the high-poly armor model. Once that’s complete I’m going to finish the MJ-BF model and create the low-res armor model, which should be a much faster and simpler task. I’ve decided to hold off on textures until next semester, which rearranges my timeline a bit. But I think it will allow me to more efficiently manage my workflows and get everything done in a more timely manner, perhaps even with extra time for our stretch assets or to work more on the UDK implementation (such as particle effects and other details).

Almost Forgot!

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