That Took Longer Than Expected

After weeks of what I’m sure was nonstop anticipation for you all, I am finally ready to reveal a first look at our game’s character. I’m not really sure if our nameless soldier is quite fabulous enough to warrant such a dramatic reveal but oh well.

This is an untextured model. The materials shown are placeholders to give a rough approximation of color placement and are completely inaccurate.

Ain’t he purdy? This is the first “complete” version of the character. I say “first” because I am sure there will be modifications to the design before I am ready to start the low-res version for texturing. But this is the first time every piece has a model in a completed state for it. I’ll go into more detail about the character in a later post, but for now I just wanted to show what the overall design looks like. Anyway, here’s this week’s breakdown:

3 armor model

3 armor model

1 project meeting
4 armor model

project meeting
4.5 armor model

2 armor model
1 armor color tests
2 MJ-BF model

That’s a grand total of 22.5 hours worked this week. In addition to character work I also added more to the MJ-BF model to help compensate for the longer-than-expected character production. That’s another thing I have yet to discuss, but know that it is awesome and you should be excited for it.

That Took Longer Than Expected

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