Microbes! My One Weakness!

Yep, that’s right. I was invaded this week by an army of microscopic organisms hell-bent on ruining my day. And while I could turn this post into a long rant about the debate on whether or not viruses are considered to be “alive,” I’ll instead simply leave it at this: I didn’t meet my timeline goal of 15 hours this week, sadly. However, this week I was especially efficient in my productivity and I was able to modify the character as per my team’s suggestions and re-topologize the whole thing in order to hand it off to Aaron for rigging. And I did it all in only 10 hours. Check out the breakdown:

1 project meeting

2 armor retopo
2 armor retopo

3 armor retopo

2 project meeting

Though I’m still not quite back to operating at 100%, I believe the worst is behind me which means I should be able to get more work in this week. Next on my to-do list is to finish the MJ-BF model and to start on the next weapon model. I would normally save the ammunition/projectile models until the end after the guns are completed but due to the design of the MJ-BF (which you’ll see soon, I promise) I may have to build its projectiles as well before moving on to another gun. The next gun will likely be a weapon we call the Larpoon, which is an awesome laser-firing, enemy-severing, shark-killing weapon that features some really unique mechanics. Also something I’ll talk about in the future. Man, you guys have so much to look forward to in the future! Good thing you’re checking back every week while I build suspense, right? Right?

Microbes! My One Weakness!

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