So That Gun I Was Talking About

After probably too much build-up I’m ready to talk about the next weapon I am working on for Parallax. The gun, called the MJ-BF, is a heavy-slot weapon capable of firing landmines. The thing that makes this weapon unique is that the mines are not projected but rather are teleported to their destination. This opens up the possibility for some interesting mechanics on our end as well as some unique firing effects. The weapon also has a fixed stock of ammunition, meaning it cannot be refilled by the player. The weapon will have somewhere between 4-6 shots (we are still determining the final number) and the only way to get more ammunition is to replace it with a new one from a weapons kiosk. This will help to balance the weapon and encourage players to think tactically when using it. It will also prevent players from being too overpowered if they are near an ammunition crate.

Here’s the initial concept art for the MJ-BF:


The weapon is designed to be held over the shoulder similar to a rocket launcher. I wanted the landmines to be visible in their storage location both to provide some visual intricacy and to give other players a sense of how much ammunition the wielder has remaining. The mines themselves are designed to be collapsible. In storage the two black handles are extended and the metal “blades” (not actually blades, just what I’m calling them) are retracted inwards. When a mine is loaded into the chamber of the weapon, it first ascends from the hopper into the body of the gun and then slides forward into the space above the grip. There, the blades extend outwards and the handles push inwards. This is how a mine is primed. I designed the mechanism to appear usable both in the MJ-BF weapon and independently by a human operator, to allow for possible expansions to their capability (or use in story/cutscene elements) in the future. When a mine is placed, a glowing ball of energy appears in the center. This feature not only serves the design but also helps make them more visible to players during the game.

I’ve modeled most of the high-res version of this weapon already. Currently the only missing details are the controls located behind the grip. I also need to model the mines in order to incorporate them into the final model as well. Here’s what the weapon looks like currently, with placeholder textures:

Some changes made in the final model include a hinged screen, softer handle forms, and extra bolts/panels in various locations.

Sadly a power surge put me a bit behind on the landmine model but luckily I didn’t lose too much work. I’ll be working more on this weapon this week and hopefully also starting on my next weapon model, of which I have not yet decided.

Though not at 100% I’ve been feeling much better this week. I was able to get a lot more work done than last week and I ended up with a grand total of 17 hours worked (please, hold your applause). Check out the breakdown:

1 project meeting
3 MJ-BF model

3 MJ-BF model

2 project meeting

4 MJ-BF model
2 MJ-BF model
2 detail models

So That Gun I Was Talking About

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