Guns and Guns and Guns

I finished the MJ-BF low-poly model the other day and started on a new gun called the Larpoon. This is another cool gun with interesting mechanics that I’m not going to talk about yet. But I have decided to slightly switch around my workflow for this particular weapon which means I should have something to show/talk about much sooner than with the MJ-BF (plus I am focusing entirely on this gun until it’s done, unlike the MJ-BF which was started while I was still working on the character). So look forward to that. I’m pretty much going to be modeling guns for the rest of the semester, or at least until we have the vehicle concepts completed.

Anyway, this week I managed a decent 16.5 hours. Not my best, not my worst. Check out the breakdown:

1 project meeting
3.5 MJ-BF model

3 MJ-BF model

2 MJ-BF model

2 project meeting
3 MJ-BF retopo

2 larpoon model

Guns and Guns and Guns

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