Lasers. Lasers everywhere.

I’ve just about wrapped up modeling of the newest weapon, the poorly-named Larpoon. As it’s uncreative title might suggest, the Larpoon is a laser harpoon weapon. The weapon was designed with a unique mechanic that, hopefully, will encourage some creative use of it. The way it works is simple.

The weapon presents itself as a fairly straightforward, if not uniquely-styled, harpoon gun. And it acts similarly for the first half of its usage. The player fires a large spiked harpoon that embeds itself in the target (most likely the ground or a wall). From there, things get a bit interesting. The harpoon itself is actually the main component of the weapon. It contains a laser emitter that fires a powerful beam back towards the player, or more specifically towards the dark panel at the front of the gun. As long as the player keeps the harpoon within their field of view the beam will fire towards that point. From then on, the player may kill other players by attempting to position them between the harpoon and their weapon. In this way the weapon encourages mobility over accuracy, a trait often attributed to closer-range weapons. Our hope is that this gun will find effective use for players in vehicles as well as for attacking players that may be behind cover. If we get a chance to implement the planned jump pack, it may serve to enhance the Larpoon’s effectiveness as well. Check out the completed weapon model, including the harpoon in both its closed and open states (technically, the barbs open before the weapon is fired and the rear panels open upon striking a surface, but it’s a good way to visualize the sort of movement that will be involved):


I’m considering adding a screen of some sort to the rear of the weapon, but that is to be determined. There are a lot of little details on this model in particular that I’ll have to show off in another post sometime.

Also, since it is Sunday, here’s a breakdown of my work this week. As expected I spent the whole week modeling (and a good chunk of time fixing my computer when it unexpectedly failed on me) which amounted to about 19.5 hours worked.

1 project meeting
4 larpoon model

2 larpoon model

4 larpoon model

2 project meeting
3 larpoon model

1.5 larpoon model
2 larpoon model

Lasers. Lasers everywhere.

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