This Gun is Shocking


That there is a screenshot from my most recent weapon model. Called the Shock Rifle, it’s a primary-class weapon designed for mid-range use. The gun uses an electronic coil propulsion system to fire electrified rounds. The rounds cause electric shocks on impact that can spread to other nearby players. In addition, they can also temporarily disable vehicles. A mounted sight offers zoom capabilities resulting in an extremely versatile weapon.

As far as the design, my primary inspiration for the gun was real-world coil guns. Three large coils around the barrel pulse in sequence to fire rounds with extreme speed, and a glowing battery pack in the back surges with stored electric energy. Extra wires and rubber guards around various parts of the weapon add to the electricity-themed feel. In this way, not only does the design of the gun fit the mechanics inside it, but it also suggests to players how the weapon will function when they first encounter it. In addition to this, the weapon is constructed out of multiple parts that affix together (usually with screws) to make it feel modular. This gives the feeling of a more general-purpose infantry rifle as opposed to more seamless weapons such as the MJ-BF that are more specialized.

There were a number of changes made during the modeling phase, but the overall look of the weapon remains the same.

I still need to add some final touches to the main body of the weapon, as well as prepping the low-poly and high-poly versions (which mostly involves either protecting edges and removing surface details, making it pretty quick work), but for the most part the gun is done. I’m quite fond of this particular gun. It was the very first one I designed and I was worried that as this project went on and my technique improved I’d have to go back and re-design it but in the end I changed very little of the design since then. I think this is one of my favorite weapon models.Check out the shocking breakdown of this week’s 21.25 hours of work:

1 project meeting

5 shock rifle model

6.5 shock rifle model

4.75 shock rifle model

4 shock rifle model

This Gun is Shocking

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