In Other News

Most of my time for the last 8 months or so has been occupied by thesis work. However, I’ve still found some time for other work. I’ve been working on plenty of new products for Illogical as well as classwork. I’ve also been working on personal work for my portfolio (and for fun). To help work on my hard surface skills, and also because I really like modeling high-detail inorganic assets, I decided to make a model of a Kodak Retinette 017, a really cool little 35mm camera produced in the early 1950s.


Currently I have the high-poly model of the camera completed and I’m partway through building a low(er)-poly model that I can then bake a normal map to and texture. My eventual goal is to create the most realistic render I can of the camera. Unfortunately, with all of my time dedicated to working on Parallax, I don’t have a lot of time to work on side projects. So I’ve put together a couple renders and a turntable of the completed high-resolution mesh for you all to take a look at while I work on completing my projects. Check them out on Behance.

In Other News

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