Showing Off

In two days I head back home to Chicago for break, leaving me unable to do any work on Parallax, except for concept sketches, for nearly a month. But before that happens I am giving a presentation about my work so far on the project. To prepare for the presentation I’ve put together some nice clay renders (that is, renders that don’t have any textures and soft, even lighting) of the assets I’ve created so far. Let’s take a little walk down Parallax memory lane.



Kinda makes you tear up, doesn’t it? No? Oh well. Come next semester I plan to finish off the rest of the models I need to create (mostly small pieces such as projectiles) and work on the textures. My hope is to set up a procedural material system that I can use to quickly build textures for all of the assets. By the end of the school year I hope to have all of the assets modeled, at least partially textured, and implemented into the engine so that a playable prototype can be put together. Of course, a lot of that process requires help from my teammates so we will have to have a lot of communication. This will help us further develop our workflow for creating games which will be useful in the future.

Showing Off

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