Did You Miss Me?


For the last month or so I’ve been back home in Chicago (well, also Mexico for a week) on break. Unfortunately, this meant I couldn’t do any work on my thesis project. Now that I’m in Rochester again I’ve started to get back into the swing of things. My plan for this semester was to focus mostly on texturing all of our assets for Parallax. To that end, I’ve decided to start work on creating textures for one of the assets. Not only am I using this as a starting point, but I’m also using it as a chance to re-evaluate my texturing workflow. You may recall I went through a couple different iterations of textures for the Radart Gun early in the school year as a way of trying out my texture workflow using dDo. However, my workflow was sloppy and not as efficient as it could have been. In addition, I’ve upgraded to the current release of dDo which features a completely different shading workflow and dynamic, and it’s giving me a chance to change my direction.

I decided to start with one of my favorite weapons, the Shock Rifle. It has a decent range of different surfaces and complexity levels. But mainly I just like it and want to see what it looks like with realistic materials. Before I can start on the textures, however, I need to lay out my UVs. And before I can lay out my UVs I have to create low- and high-poly meshes from my base mid-res mesh. Of course, in my rush to prepare for break I ran out of time to do this. So I’ve spent the last week adding and removing geometry to create both meshes. Once that was complete I laid out my UVs (which some of you may know can be incredibly tedious), the result of which you can see as this beautiful technicolor firearm.

My next step will be to bake normal maps from my high-poly mesh onto this one so that I can start creating my textures. I may also experiment a bit with creating texture masks inside Maya that I can bake and export into Photoshop to aid in my texture creation. We will see. One step at a time.

Did You Miss Me?

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