Teaming Up

This week was very busy for me. I created new textures for the logo that better match the updated style. I also worked on textures for another weapon and concept art for yet another weapon. Let’s dive in, shall we?


First up we have the logo, which has been updated with all-new textures. These textures, based on the presets I designed last week, have more subtle wear patterns that fit the cleaner look of the rest of our assets. I also went with a white painted metal as the base instead of the brushed metal from before to make the text pop a bit more, and I gave the letters brighter coloring overall. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. And since it’s textured using the same PBR system as all of my other assets, I can bring the logo right into UE4 as an asset to include in the game.

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Teaming Up

A Load off my Mind

I am feeling quite relieved as of late. For most of this project I had an expected workflow down for creating textures. Even way back in September I was working on solidifying a way of easily and accurately creating high-quality textures for all of our assets (of which there are a million, give or take 999,990 or so). But now that I actually have the process tested, I’m ready for the production pass to begin on asset textures.

The Shock Rifle texture is about 75% done. There are still some tweaks to be made and it doesn’t include all of the decals, but you can definitely get a sense of what the final asset will look like. Note how we are trying to blend realistic touches with a supersaturated style to compliment the angular forms.

Using the newest version of dDo (my old posts were made using the freely-available, slightly older version) I have created a workflow that allows me to build textures for all of the assets procedurally. The best part of this, however, is that once I create a texture I can save it as a preset. In this way I can build a library of every material found in the game and quickly apply them to new assets without much fuss. Continue reading “A Load off my Mind”

A Load off my Mind

Back in Business

Week 2 of the spring semester has come to a close and this time I made sure to record all of my work to prove that, yes, I have actually been productive.

The color map, aside from making this gun absolutely beautiful, allows me to create automatic masks in Photoshop for the various materials that will be incorporated into the final texture.

First things first, I finished the normal and color maps for the shock rifle. These maps aid in the texturing process and also allow us to incorporate a lot of detail into an efficient, low-resolution mesh. This particular model tops out at around 5600 tris (triangles that every object in a game environment is made of), which is perfect for us. It also features full articulation for pieces that could potentially be modified or animated in-game, such as the clip, trigger, and scope.

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Back in Business