Teaming Up

This week was very busy for me. I created new textures for the logo that better match the updated style. I also worked on textures for another weapon and concept art for yet another weapon. Let’s dive in, shall we?


First up we have the logo, which has been updated with all-new textures. These textures, based on the presets I designed last week, have more subtle wear patterns that fit the cleaner look of the rest of our assets. I also went with a white painted metal as the base instead of the brushed metal from before to make the text pop a bit more, and I gave the letters brighter coloring overall. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. And since it’s textured using the same PBR system as all of my other assets, I can bring the logo right into UE4 as an asset to include in the game.


The next thing I worked on was textures for one of our weapons. This weapon, called the Neutrino Catapult, was designed and modeled by Aaron. This was my opportunity to work out the baking and texturing workflow I’ll be using to texture other people’s assets (since I’m in charge of more textures than models). Most of my time working on this weapon was spent baking maps. I had a lot of errors working on this asset and Maya was running exceptionally slow. I ended up having to explode nearly every piece in order to prevent them from erroring, and still had to do a lot of cleanup in Photoshop. I suppose the main drawback of working on an asset I didn’t model myself is that I’m unable to have complete control over things like the topology. But in the end it worked out and I was able to get the textures started. Right now the materials are simply a first pass — presets applied with minimal modification so that I could show it to my team for feedback. Later I’ll work on more specific adjustments to help this weapon come to life more.


Finally, I’m proud to unveil my next weapon concept. This gun, dubbed the Sonic Shotgun, is pretty self-explanatory in name. It’s function is to not only damage enemies but to act as a physical deterrent. When fired, the weapon emits a sonic pulse that can knock players backwards a somewhat significant distance (think across a room, perhaps).  The gun is designed to be similar in size to a tactical shotgun, but takes stylistic cues from other sources such as miniguns and even fire hoses, and is one of the few rifles that doesn’t have a stock. Instead, the entire handle mechanism is mounted to the rest of the weapon’s body with a piston that will absorb the shock of the weapon when it’s fired. This will give the gun a unique “collapsing” animation when it’s fired.

The weapon also has a somewhat unique firing mechanism. Rather than ammunition that is loaded, the gun operates by slamming a hammer, visible through the slits in the barrel, onto a sheet of special sci-fi magic material (I’ll come up with a more science-y explanation later). Therefore, rather than loading shells into a chamber to reload the gun, the player pulls on a handle located near the front. Every pull adds one more shot (indicated by screens on the sides and rear of the weapon) allowing for an interruptible reload sequence similar to most video game shotguns. The special sci-fi magic material, located at the front of the barrel, can optionally “wear out” over time allowing us to limit the ammunition the weapon contains overall. I’m really excited about this weapon as it’s one of the most unusual visual designs we have. I’ll be starting on the model for the Sonic Shotgun fairly soon, so expect more updates in the future.

For now, here’s this week’s time breakdown. I ended up with a total of 18.5 hours worked this week, but that number almost doubles if you consider the time I spent simply waiting for Maya to bake maps. Oy vey!

2 sonic shotgun concept illustration

2 logo textures
1 radarts textures
1 logo tests/renders
1 neutrino catapult adjustments

1 neutrino catapult map baking
1 neutrino catapult adjustments

1 sonic shotgun concept illustration

3 sonic shotgun concept illustration
.5 neutrino catapult map baking

1 neutrino catapult map adjustments
2 neutrino catapult textures
2 neutrino catapult textures

Teaming Up

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