Chugging Along

This week I was all over the place. I worked a bit on modeling, a bit on texturing, a bit on graphic design, and a bit on UE4 experiments. We are starting to think about promoting the game, and starting this week there will be a push to create renders and other images that can be used to show it off through a variety of mediums.

While I’m not ready to show off most of what I worked on this week just yet, I can show you guys this:


The grenade has textures! First draft textures, anyway. The material is missing decals and I also plan on creating a special animated texture for the liquid to make it more visually intriguing. I’ve also started working on particle effects for the game, and the grenade will need at least one (possibly up to 3, though).

This week we also got a new logo for the game, courtesy of our interface designer Tess. The new logo is simpler and more subdued than the one I made, which lends itself to a wider range of styles/applications. Plus it sorta looks like it would be right at home on a laboratory beaker, which I like.


The new logo will be used on all of our media including posters, fliers, a website, and, of course, the final game.

Here’s my breakdown for this week. I worked 21.5 hours on a million different things, This week is probably going to be even more scattered and hectic, and I couldn’t be more excited. So stay tuned for plenty of new reveals and announcements!

1 project meeting

1 larpoon retopo
2 muzzle flash experiments
3 grenade retopo

4 logo proposals

2 grenade textures

1 project meeting
3 mountain goat blocking/sketches
2 UE4 experiments

3 logo setup
3 larpoon UVs
.5 effects experiments

Chugging Along

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