Cut Short

You may be wondering why I’m posting my weekly update today instead of on Sunday. The reason is that my week ends a bit early this time around, thanks to RIT’s spring break. As with most breaks I am headed home for the week which means I can’t work on any assets for the game, aside from sketches. In addition to that, yesterday was Creative Industry Day, otherwise known as “the closest thing to a job fair that art students have.” So most of my week was spent preparing my portfolio and other branded materials for this event.

But there is some good news! We finally have a new title for the game, and we made sure there are no existing games that use the same name. The new name for The Game Formerly Known As Parallax is:


Catchy, huh? I like it, anyway. It’s much better than a lot of other suggestions that were tossed around. There’s no fancy logo for the new title yet, but as soon as that is completed I will be sure to show it to you guys.

I’ll be tagging all future posts with Dichotomy, and I will retroactively tag the old ones too. The Parallx tag will stay on the old posts to make them just as easy to find. 

That’s all the updates I have this week. I’m not going to bother with a breakdown as I don’t have an accurate record of the amount of time I worked on Dichotomy this week but rest assured it was very little. When I get back, though, it’s back to full steam ahead!

Cut Short

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