Speeding Along

As the end of the semester draws ever closer, my schedule seems to get exponentially busier. There’s a ton of stuff I want to get finished before our thesis defenses at the end of the month. Additionally, we were accepted into Imagine RIT as exhibitors so there’s a bunch of presentation materials I want to create by then. Expect more information on that in the future.


One of the things I’m most excited about is the Mountain Goat. I talked about this vehicle a couple weeks ago and since then I’ve been working tirelessly on the model. The mid-res model is completely finished and I’m nearly finished with the high-detail and game-ready meshes.

Due to the size and complexity of this sort of asset I had to include more details in order to achieve realism. While the weapons are designed to be mostly machined out of solid blocks of material, vehicles are too large to be a single piece. Because of this I split the body up into multiple sections based on how they would be manufactured. Additionally, the mesh includes more external bolts and mechanisms than on smaller assets. Areas like the windshield and rear panels have hex bolts so they can be easily removed, whereas other sections feature rivets or no visible external fasteners to suggest more permanence. There are also air brakes on the rear of the craft to aid in deceleration (the turbofans also articulate) and levers on the handlebars (with ergonomic grips, by the way) that can be subtly animated in order to make the vehicle feel more dynamic.

I also included fully articulated landing gear that folds up neatly during flight.

I plan to have the model finished and prepared for texturing by the end of the week. Additionally, I need to create first-draft textures for the Radarts and MJ-BF, which I plan to start on this week as well. Check out this week’s breakdown to see how my 28 hours worked divides up:

1 larpoon textures
4 mountain goat model

1 project meeting
2.5 mountain goat model
1.75 mountain goat model

1 mountain goat model
.5 illustration

2 mountain goat model

1 mountain goat model
1 mountain goat model
2 mountain goat model

1.25 project meeting
4 mountain goat model
1 mountain goat model

2 mountain goat model
2 UE4 material creation/VFX experiments

Speeding Along

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