(Goat Noises)

After what seemed like a week years of laying out UVs (actually a few days), a month of baking maps (more like 12 hours) and a year of importing/tweaking input maps (probably 2 hours, which is a long time to sit and stare at dDo’s loading screen) I finally have first draft textures for the Mountain Goat completed.

Ignore the transparency error; I'm using 3Do to preview here, since I haven't set up my preview render environments yet.
Ignore the transparency error; I’m using 3Do to preview here, since I haven’t set up my preview render environments yet.

As you can see, it follows a similar bright color scheme to the character and weapons. The white decals are actually placeholders — similar to the character, the color of the vehicles in our game can change color based on the color of the team that controls them. This means the textures for these objects won’t actually include any color (in the decals, anyway — obviously there will be color for things that won’t change such as copper pipes and dirt) and instead will include a black/white mask that can be used to overlay a color within UE4. Pretty neat, huh?

Additionally, there are a couple details I haven’t yet added to the Mountain Goat. On the front of the vehicle in my concept art I had a space for an icon, which I am unsure if I will include or not. Either way, I can’t include it until it is created anyway. Additionally, the dashboard screen is currently blank but will eventually feature a small graphical interface of some sort (possibly even animated, if I feel up to it). I also plan to add a serial number to the sides in the rear of the craft. However, because of the way I laid out the UVs for this asset I will have to add those later as decals in Unreal or as separate planes in the final geometry. Either way, they aren’t included yet.

I’m also still toying around with different layouts for the decals, so the stripes you see here may not be the same in the final version. Only time (any my team’s feedback tomorrow afternoon) will tell.

With thesis defenses coming up within the next 2 weeks, I’m going to be splitting my work time between creating assets and creating preview materials. I still fully intend to complete the Sonic Shotgun as well as all of the weapon textures and game VFX, but I may hold off on some of that until after my presentation as most of that stuff in considered a stretch goas as far as my thesis is concerned. On the plus side, this means I will soon have fancy, polished breakdowns and renders to show off.

Additionally, Dichotomy has officially been accepted into Imagine RIT, RIT’s creativity and innovation festival. We will be showing off the game including a playable demo in Webb Auditorium. Be sure to stop by and check it out! I’ll definitely be talking more about our exhibit in the near future.

This week I was extra busy because RITgraph, RIT’s ACM SIGGRAPH student chapter (of which I am president), was hosing a 24-hour animation jam. This definitely took away from my thesis work time. Despite that, I still managed a respectable 23.75 hours of work. Here’s this week’s breakdown:

1 project meeting

4 mountain goat retopo

3.5 mountain goat UVs

4.25 mountain goat UVs
2 mountain goat map baking

1 project meeting

8 mountain goat textures

(Goat Noises)

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