Sleep? Psh.

As predicted, this past week was pretty crazy. I spent a ton of time rendering, editing, re-rendering, finding inspiration, tweaking, more tweaking, even more tweaking, a bunch more rendering, and not sleeping. But the result was worth it. My presentation went well, I got some good feedback, and I got a chance to show off my work. And, as promised, here’s the video I created as part of my presentation:

But despite all the craziness of last week, I can’t slow down. Next Saturday is Imagine RIT and, as I mentioned two weeks ago, we will be showing off the game for the first time at the event. So this week I am going to be splitting my time between working on promotional materials and finishing up/implementing the assets that will be included in the demo. This is, of course, a very early and rough build of the game so not everything will make the cut. Additionally, many of the things that we are going to include, especially FX and sounds, will be temporary as we have only barely touched on those so far. Still, it’s really exciting to get a chance to put the game out there for the first time and to see how people feel about it.

Be sure to visit us Saturday, May 2 at RIT James E. Booth Hall in Webb Auditorium.

After weeks of hard work (and the admittedly harsh critique I often give) Tess came up with a new logo for the game. We wanted to keep the feel of the previous Parallax logo because we felt it really fit the style of the game. I think she did a great job and I’m really excited to start working with it. Actually, I already started a bit. Earlier today I took the opportunity to convert the logo to a clean, game-ready 3D mesh and created some textures for it. I don’t have a fancy render of it just yet, but you can get a sense of what it looks like from a quick screenshot I grabbed while testing out the textures in Unreal.

Ignoring the flat lighting, skewed camera, and UE4 interface elements, it's a pretty logo, no?
Ignoring the flat lighting, skewed camera, and UE4 interface elements, it’s a pretty logo, no?

I also, just for the fun of it, 3D printed a tiny reactant grenade. I think it looks pretty cute! I’d like to, some day, print full-size replicas of some of these assets and then paint/assemble them into life-size props. That would be fun. For now, this will have to suffice.

The smaller one was a bit too low-res, but they both came out pretty well, especially considering I didn’t use any supports. Large one is ~5.5cm tall.

As expected, I worked a ton this week. With everything that I had to accomplish in such a short amount of time, I managed 30 hours of work. Possibly even more; I was pretty tired by the end of some of those sessions so I may have missed a few hours.

1 project meeting

6.5 thesis video production

1 thesis video production
9 thesis video production

7.5 thesis video/presentation production

2 project meeting

3 logo model/textures

Sleep? Psh.

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